FGV study reveals that the greatest wish of young brazilians

Young Brazilians want to be entrepreneurs and have their own business. That’s what the fifth “Perfil do LIDE Futuro” survey reveals – coordinated by Professor Fernando Meirelles, of the São Paulo School of Business Administration (FGV/EAESP), and held at the request of LIDE Futuro, a branch of LIDE – Group of Business Leaders.

According to the study, approximately 80% of the respondents expect to become entrepreneurs within 10 years, while only 17% of them expect to become executives. However, they also reported that the main obstacle for those who want to become entrepreneurs is having a favorable economic environment, and indicated factors such as experience, capital, contacts and education as necessary.

Young people are also optimistic. If for 21% of the respondents the current situation of the country is poor, for 51% of them the Brazilian political and economic scenario will be better in the coming years. However, Education was mentioned as the area that requires the most improvement, in addition to the Infrastructure, Policy, Safety and Health sectors.

Among the world leaders who most inspire the interviewees, Steve Jobs – founder of Apple – was the most remembered. In second place, we have the businessman Warren Buffett, followed by Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama and Gandhi.
Among the Brazilians, the businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann was indicated as favorite. Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Abílio Diniz and Edson de Godoy Bueno were also remembered by the interviewees.

The survey was answered during the event Like the Future of 2013, which took place on November 11th.

Fonte: FGV Noticias

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